A collection of R&D, production and sales of cosmetics OEM processing enterprises

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A collection of R&D, production and sales of cosmetics OEM processing enterprises


GUANGZHOU XIRAN COSMETICS CO.,LTD is a professional cosmetics OEM/ODM companies in China. Factory covers an area of 20000 square meters,founded strictly in accordance with the standards of GMPC and ISO cosmetics production base, used advanced production technology and modern production equipment, staffed with experienced and skillful R&D teams and Sales teams to meet the demends of OEM business.

As a professional OEM supplier, we pay more attentions on quality control to maintain the good fames of your private label in the marketMORE >


1. [Creating value, presenting good service]: Contributing to the health and beauty of human beings while pursuing the happiness of both the material and the spirit of all employees.
2. [Future hope, to be the guide of the industry]: to be a guide for the Chinese cosmetics OEM industry, a respected national enterprise.
3. [Expanding foreign markets and creating national characteristics brands]: Expanding markets in Europe and the United States, building a number of international trade teams with outstanding service capabilitiesMORE >
Business environment Company culture Honor
  • R&D technology

    Born in quality, in good faith After years of continuous development and improvement, and constantly improve R & D technology and operational capabilities, establish a technological advantage and professional service management system with independent intellectual property rights, and develop into a creative cosmetics company. Innovative products have obtained a number of technical patents.
  • Quality control

    The company takes the international cosmetics GMPC, FDA standard as the foundation component modernization cosmetics manufacture production base, simultaneously passes the US FDA, the European Union GMPC double certification and the ISO 9001, ISO 22716 national quality management system certification.
  • Production equipment

    Equipped with 8 sets of imported emulsifying equipment, 6 production lines, 2 spare production lines, 15 tons of semi-finished cosmetics, with closed air conditioning workshop, large-scale emulsifier, automatic filling production line equipment, advanced monitoring system, purification system, disinfection and filtration system, and a complete micro-test room and biochemical room.
  • Raw material advantage

    The choice of raw materials and quality is an important link affecting the safety, efficacy and quality of cosmetics, and it is also the key to determine the cost. Baoyan has a long-term stable supplier of raw materials, a number of international famous partners: Switzerland CIBA, Switzerland Roche, the United States IFF, Dow Corning, France CHARABOT, United Carbon Co., Ltd., to share the latest and best raw materials in the world.

Business model

5 business cooperation models, OEM/ODM/OBM one-stop service process


Free sample and product packaging design, free to provide three certificates for quality inspection and filing, more than 3,000 mature formula tailored!

  • Clean face

  • Mask

  • Toning

  • Essence

  • Eye cream

  • Emulsion

  • Cream

  • BB isolation

  • Makeup

  • Remove makeup

  • Mask series OEM
  • Cleansing series OEM
  • Cream series OEM
  • Water agent series OEM
  • Emulsion series OEM
  • Essence series OEM
  • Care series OEM
  • Essential oil series OEM
  • Stock series OEM
  • Makeup Remover OEM
  • Men's Series OEM
  • Baby series OEM
  • Eye series OEM
  • BB cream series OEM
  • Other series OEM
  • New product

    Introduce 4 new market hotspots every month to help you seize market opportunities!

    Cooperation brand

    Xiran - the right choice for Chinese cosmetics brands

    (The rankings are in order, only some of the brands are listed due to limited layout)

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