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Jiangsu people love jewelry online shopping network consumption rose 12 times in 5 years


Jiangsu people online shopping love jewelry cosmetics online consumer prices rose 5 times in 12 years, Xinhua news network news in the past 5 years, who is the most tertiary industry attack people? Not house prices, nor the price, but the network consumption index, a full expansion of 12.1 times. 21, China new supply side economics research institute and the ant gold suit jointly issued China's first network consumer price index report showed that Jiangsu network consumption level index in China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) ranked fourth, and Jiangsu Province, Nanjing, Suzhou and Huaian ranked in the top three. Yangzi Evening News full media reporter Xu Xiaofeng
Network consumption rose 5 times in 12 years
This report is China's new supply of Economic Research Institute and Ant King service together 21 industry, 337 cities, the network transaction data compiled by the user, from the beginning of January 2011, tracking down to April 2016. Data show that in five years, the scale of online consumer spending rose steadily, expanded 12.1 times, an increase of 2 times the total retail sales of social consumer goods grew more than times. Despite the economic downturn in 2015, network consumption growth stimulating GDP growth still reached 1.6 percentage points, indicating that the network consumption is becoming stable and economic operation of ballast.
From the industry perspective, network consumption is from the real to the service type, from the survival to the development and enjoy the upgrade. 5 years, such as the service network eliminate idle away in seeking pleasure scale index is extended 70.2 times, the average monthly growth rate of 7%. And at the same time, buy a bag, buy food and other physical sex network consumer finance accounted for 95.7% from 2011 down to 75% in April 2016. Simply said, is this 5 years, go by taxi software, eat with app ordering, buying movie tickets online, phone booking of fitness training and education courses.... Online pay, the consumption of the line of this service type of network consumption rose 70 times, while benefiting from this, food and beverage (line consumption), air travel, education, life services and other services in the annual growth rate of more than 70%.

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