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The consumer to upgrade into the "light luxury cosmetics era"


With the rise of overseas tourism fever, overseas shopping fever has gradually become the main theme of consumption, the most obvious is the amount of the purchase of cosmetics. Due to the rising of the middle class, consumption ability also rising, so the impact of price factors also gradually reduced, so for luxury cosmetics industry has become the now in favor of the object. Try to buy from the past, to the present people go to the cargo space. Foreign luxury cosmetics shop also has China visitors as the God of wealth. "Not afraid to buy goods, not afraid of goods" has become a true portrayal of Chinese people travel abroad to buy cosmetics.
Due to travel abroad to buy cosmetics there are many restrictions, and with the rapid rise of the electronic business platform, online shopping cosmetics and micro business platform has gradually become the sales of cosmetics is an important way, which in some extent also accelerated the cosmetics into the pace of the light luxury era ". For many there is no time to travel abroad, can sit at home at your fingertips can choose their favorite cosmetics. It is no longer unreachable dream.
Another point to make cosmetics into light luxury era "is a major factor in the now cosmetics consumer groups have gradually been 80, 90 replaced. The 80's and 90's consumer awareness are more avant-garde, for the pursuit of fashion is more strong and most of the 80, 90 received good education, improve conditions in the economy at the same time, for the pursuit of higher quality, safety and reliable of cosmetics has become the main melody. And big brands of cosmetics naturally become the preferred and due to price factors arising from the consumption choices influence gradually to reduce, so the concept of consumption more strongly, makes the luxury class cosmetics sales are gradually improving.
People used to go shopping in order to meet the needs of daily life, and now people's shopping in addition to meet the needs of daily life, more is the pursuit of high quality of life. This point is more able to reflect the choice of cosmetics from the female, while the main role of cosmetics is to change the charm of women from the outside, but more importantly, from the inside of the female skin, looks to adjust. Medical Hall of the effectiveness of the first, inside and outside the United States and the United States is also more in line with the concept of modern women in the pursuit of beauty. Medicine containing hall for every female of exclusive private custom, needle for different people in different situations, providing most consistent with the service plan, with a full range of expert services system, let each one came to medical volume Hall of women can make the skin, face and body to achieve the harmony of the best state, coruscate the roots of natural, healthy beauty.

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