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China Merchants Group: petty life cosmetics women are willing to dig into their pockets for it


China Merchants Group: by chance yesterday saw the playmate hour Kobayashi, a life of petty bourgeoisie cosmetics shop, these days are also at a friend's home and see them in a life of petty bourgeoisie cosmetics, just my cosmetics run out, do not know to buy the kind of, Kobayashi stores to consult. "The choice of petty life cosmetics to join a large part of the reason is its product. Petty life cosmetics, relying on the international fashion, reasonable grasp the lifeblood of the international market, attack would beauty products across the board. Domestic girls especially love, because of petty life include the latest fashion fresh goods, and uphold the quality of conscience, safe and reassuring, and realize the genuine purpose. " Xiao Lin said.
Finally, Kobayashi gave a trial I, let alone with the skin instantly feel relaxed many, then straight to Kobayashi where to get a set of, after I will with this brand, would recommend to friends.
Then go online to check the basic information of the life of petty bourgeoisie, petty bourgeoisie life cosmetics belongs to Guangzhou Tim Italian Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. the hottest to join the project, the company according to the characteristics and needs of the Chinese market, creatively launched the output of the entire shop chain operation mode of wealth type, and will continue to expand the territory, the fast pace of development, make the industry to exclaim, peer envy, unmatched in order to become the first brand of be worthy of the name of the female life activities! This is why life of petty bourgeoisie and is attention and favor. Now the petty life chain store has been open to the 1000. The original petty life cosmetics development so powerful that wants to join friends still hesitant what?? hurry to petty life cosmetics company consulting study!
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