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Excellent products and service quality, from the implementation of strict industry standards and professional quality management system. Company to the international cosmetics GMPC, FDA standard as the basic components of modern cosmetics production base, at the same time through the FDA, the EU GMPC certification and ISO9001, ISO22716 national quality management system certification, from the planning, research and development, procurement, production to shipping, quality control process and the whole process has strict system, ensure that the processing of cosmetics the quality of the products.


Quality Control

Quality control center is divided into raw materials inspection, physical and chemical test, packing material inspection, process monitoring and according to GMP requirements in design and operation of microbiological examination.
From raw materials into the factory, the production of semi-finished products, packaging materials testing as well as finished products have been strictly tested and verified. Ensure the stability and efficacy of the product.
With a nuanced perfect quality of service management system and refresh the old rules of the game industry, to give customers a new experience, to optimal quality, the lowest price rapidly to create a market, to occupy the market.

Air quality

Production workshop air by the beginning of efficiency, in effect, high efficiency layer multi effect filter to ensure production workshop air quality in full compliance with the GMP requirements, equipped with electronic digital airborne particle counter of air quality monitoring, always on bacteria monitoring settlement of production workshop.

Pure water
Production water by activated carbon adsorption filtration and resin exchange, reverse osmosis membrane filtration and UV sterilization and production process, ensure the deionized water quality achieves the best grade.

Raw material
Strictly according to the good reputation at home and abroad, excellent quality, strong supply capacity, service with the supplier of choice vendor bidding, and the raw material for each batch of fine detection, retention sample storage, classification management, ensuring the traceability of raw materials production.

Package material
Direct contact with cosmetics packaging material must be strictly enforced specific cleaning, disinfection, sterilization procedures, to ensure that the packaging is not contaminated.
Partially Prepared ProductsSemi finished product production in strict accordance with the formulation process standards require the implementation of each batch of strict sensory, physical and chemical, microbiological indicators of testing, qualified to enter the filling process.

finished product
Strict implementation of finished product testing qualified release system, only the finished product fully analysis to enter the warehouse, finished product before shipment must be confirmed again after the finished product quality inspection, qualified to factory.