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The company has a modern standard workshop of 12000 square meters, construction of cosmetics GMP certification standard workshop of 3000 square meters, according to the 100 thousand pharmaceutical grade purification standards, including cosmetics filling workshop has HEPACLASS1 million level beyond the pharmaceutical grade air purification equipment, can effectively remove bacteria and dust in the air of 99.97%, providing a clean excellent to ensure the manufacturing environment, manufacturing and packing all products in the safety and no pollution in the environment.
Equipped with 8 sets of imported emulsifying equipment, 6 production lines, 2 spare production line, Nissan cosmetics semi-finished products 15 tons, with a large enclosed air conditioning workshop, emulsifying machine, automatic filling production line equipment, advanced monitoring system, purification system, disinfection and filtration system, equipped with a complete micro inspection room and biochemical laboratory, pay attention to the products in the production process strictly, ensure product safety and no pollution in the manufacturing environment, guarantee the quality of the product.
All workshops are designed in accordance with the ISO9001 standard, a cosmetics international first-class production line, all aspects of strict control, all products are manufactured by various physical testing, high standards of cold and heat resistance test, microbial inspection and product tracking. The core technology of synthesis and biological activity of 100 thousand grade sterile purification plant, professional MIZUHO emulsifying equipment and efficient deionized water system and galactosan extraction, these facilities as the mainstay, enough to let us in the cosmetics industry so dazzling, among the highest yi.